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Our Mission
  To improve access to locally grown specialty crops & homemade crafts.

  To promote the economic well being of area farmers & growers.

 To support the nutritional well being of our community.

The last Saturday of August, on Labor Day weekend, over 1,000 participants again visited the Market--truly a remarkable occurrence!  The number of vendors is slightly reduced, but those remaining can provide most of the items to which customers have become accustomed!  Play bingo for 2 chances to win a free $40 ticket to "Come Together for Youth and Family Services" on Friday, September 12th!

 Fresh, fresh, fresh warm season vegetables and herbs include: many shapes and colors of tomatoes, "yard long" green or purple beans, regular green beans, cucumbers (many kinds, including small pickling types), sweet and hot peppers (many kinds, such as banana), hot peppers (jalapeno,Thai chilies--really hot!), potatoes (Irish, red, purple, and sweet), basil, squash (zucchini, pan, butternut, and yellow), eggplant (several kinds), mature (such as sweet candy) and tender green onions, okra, and Chinese spinach.  There are still plenty of peaches, watermelon (yellow and red), and cantaloupe too, and some cute "half pint" pumpkins and decorative gourds!

Cool season vegetables are also available and very fresh: carrots, kale, cabbage leaves, radishes, cilantro, Swiss chard, and mustard greens.  If you wonder how these vegetables are grown this time of year, you should ask the vendor.

Sorry to announce that Granny's Vittles food wagon will not be at the market for the rest of this season.  The Meltons will still be selling eggs and vegetables at a regular booth, about every other weekend--laying hens are finicky in hot weather! 

Other items at the market include:
--bingo at 9:15 with two chances to win a large sampling of the Market!  Each win will include a free $40.00 ticket to "Come Together for Youth and Family Services" on September 12th!
--local honey, jams, and jellies
--Adrienne's specialty breads and tasty cookies
--join Friends of the Farmers and get a neat shirt and an excellent chance to win $50 worth of Market Money (spend it at the Market)
--natural insect repellant--the flowers are still looking good, especially some beautiful sunflowers
--eggs (about every two weeks), grass fed beef (such as sirloin steak), and free range pork (great Hillbilly bacon coming back in mid-Sept)
--free ranging chickens coming in mid-Sept
--various soaps, and natural skin care items
--custom built barn wood furniture
--hand sewn items from Martha's Task
--local pecans
--Turkey Red wheat flour

Music provided by the Don Who band.

Finally, when you visit the Market, please take a moment to thank our faithful volunteers Sean Brong and Linda Boudreaux.  They help every Saturday with so many tasks that make the Market function smoothly!  They do it for their love of the market and the chance to interact with the customers--they are the personality of the Market and are so appreciated!

Come join your friends and neighbors at the Bartlesville Farmers Market on Saturday morning!

Steve Forsythe

Market Manager

Music, Fun & Friends
Come out and listen to some great music!
  See friends, connect with neighbors and
enjoy the beauty of Bartlesville.

Market Location: 
Frank Phillips Park on the corner of Frank Phillips Blvd. and Keeler Ave. in downtown Bartlesville.

Every Saturday - May 3 through October 11 2014

8:00 - 11:30 am


Steve at 918-914-3791 or

Deborah Langley


Mrs Linda Yardley is enjoying use of the $50.00 of "Market Money" she was awarded as the "Friends of the Farmer" August drawing winner.  "Friends of the Farmer" donate $20.00 in support of the Farmers Market, thus making them eligible for one of six monthly drawings.


Friends of the Farmers

Please consider joining Friends of the Farmers, a financial support group that helps defray expenses for things such as advertising and music.